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Philadelphia Magazine Features V2 Properties' President & Founder, Vince Viney  

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 Vincent S. Viney



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Our Experience

Our results:

  • 100% of our investors have received their full targeted return.
  • Sold over $80 million in real estate and rapidly growing with over 80 new homes under construction now
  • 100% of projects have been profitable
  • Have met or exceeded full targeted profit on more than 90% of our projects
  • Successfully manage and maintain relationships with over 70 individual investors, all of which have remained with V2 Properties since the creation of the company.
Community Resources
We are committed to our community as we donate and volunteer our time to charitable causes & local youth athletic teams.  We donate our time and resources to mission work are the feature sponsor of community football scoreboard and will continue to find ways to get involved and support our area.


Mission Statement

V2 Properties works with investors that are also our friends, family and other close relationships to build a high quality product that is priced at the low end of the market designed to sell quickly and deliver high returns.

Bill Archer

Managing Director


Vincent S. Viney

President & Founder


Our Team:

For the last 13 years, the members of our company have been delivering on our promise to provide our investors with investment options that couple risk tolerance with income objectives to consistently deliver high rates of return that far exceed other investment vehicles with similar or higher levels of risk.

Customer Testimonial

Jen Wachsmuth

Office Manager

Harold Donovan

Dir. of Field Operations

Kim Viney



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Field Operations Manager

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